Is Egg Donation Dangerous?

Some donors face serious health problems—and doctors may be underestimating the risks.

CAJ Award for Investigative Journalism 2012 -- Magazine

walrus cover
The human egg trade
The Walrus

How Canada's fertility laws fail parents, doctors and donors.

National Magazine Award Winner 2011 -- Investigative Reporting (Silver)

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Occupation: lab rat
New Scientist

Thousands of people make their living scurrying from one clinical drug trial to the next. Are they risking our health as well as their own?

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My scattered grandchildren
Globe and Mail

Their children may consider it a personal decision, but parents of egg and sperm donors rarely see it that way.

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Jane behaving badly
New Scientist

Getting drunk is not as straightforward as it appears. During the course of a binge, your brain becomes a veritable fairground House of Horror -- with alcohol at the controls.

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Brave new family
CBC Ideas

Every family tree has an unexpected branch or two. But sperm donation takes this to a whole new level.

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See, if you can hear this
CBC Quirks and Quarks

Imagine being blind for 25 years, and suddenly being able to see again - using your ears.

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Haunted by the past
The Economist

Sharing a womb with a living twin is bad for you. A dead one is worse.

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Review of "Genes, Girls and Gamow" by James D. Watson

A brilliant biologist's embarrassing new memoir reveals that even with a Nobel prize-worthy discovery under his belt, a 24-year-old geek finds it hard to get laid.