Is Egg Donation Dangerous?
Winter 2012

Life begins at 45
The Economist
03 Mar 2012

Wanted: Egg Donor in Good Health
CBC The Sunday Edition
19 Feb 2012

Growth of egg freezing blurs 'experimental' label
23 August 2011

The Human Egg Trade
The Walrus
April 2010

Your eggs, my uterus: shared motherhood
Globe and Mail
01 April 2008

Daddy's been a busy boy
Globe and Mail
11 November 2007

Who's the daddy? US sperm banks must be better regulated
The Donor Semen Archive may start to fill in the gaps...
New Scientist
09 August 2007

The secret life of semen
New Scientist
05 August 2006

Rhythm method criticised as a killer of embryos
New Scientist
25 May 2006

Anonymous sperm donor traced on internet
New Scientist
03 November 2005


Mirror neurons control erection response to porn
New Scientist
16 June 2008

Pressure comes from unexpected source
Are hippy parents pressuring their kids to be more promiscuous?

Globe and Mail
26 July 2007

O my!
Review of books on orgasm...

Globe and Mail
28 May 2005

How was it for her?
From false penises to orgasm timers in the brain, almost all the really juicy sex stories seem to be about males...
New Scientist
31 July 1999

Calling the tune
The call of a male Majorcan midwife toad keeps females ripening their eggs in anticipation of sex...
New Scientist
15 May 1999

When too much sex is exhausting
New Scientist
10 April 1999

Orgies alter the brain
New Scientist
25 October 1997

When sex is a dangerous game
New Scientist
06 September 1997

Cheating budgies do it out of sight

New Scientist
07 June 1997

Does lust for sex kill males in their prime?
New Scientist
24 May 1997


All the pleasure of drinking, without the pain
Could there be such a thing as harm-free alcohol?
New Scientist
15 July 2006

Intemperate Society
Why it matters that binge drinking is on the rise...
New Scientist
21 August 2004

Knowing little noses
You may be able to hide it from your boss, but your kids can tell you've got a drinking problem...
New Scientist
06 May 2000

Jane behaving badly
What happens as you get drunk?
New Scientist
27 November 1999


Sniffing for Sex
CBC Quirks and Quarks
29 November 2008

Go for it, baby
Breastfeeding women and newborns give off odours that boost the sexual desire of other women...
New Scientist
27 April 2002

Women attracted to men who smell like dad
New Scientist
21 January 2002

Scent of a man
Does the Pill disrupt a woman's animal instincts when it comes to choosing the perfect partner to father her babies?
New Scientist
10 February 2001

On the scent
People feel differently about a smell depending on which nostril they sniff it through...
New Scientist
08 January 2000

Heavenly scent
The smell from an old lady's armpits can raise your spirits...
New Scientist
03 July 1999


Diary of a human 'lab rat'
New Scientist
08 December 2007

Blinded by Science
CBC Quirks and Quarks
16 June 2007

See, if you can hear this
CBC Quirks and Quarks
02 April 2005

The art of seeing without sight
New Scientist
29 January 2005


Do we all have some synaesthetic ability?
New Scientist
30 September 2008

Screensaver reveals new test for synaesthesia, New Scientist
04 August 2008

Colours of the mind
New Scientist
21 May 21 2007

Think of a concept, taste it on your tongue
New Scientist
22 November 2006

How minds play tricks with words and colours
New Scientist
21 August 2004

Sounds like a rose to me, Review of Synaesthesia: The strangest thing by John Harrison
New Scientist
31 March 2001

The number purple
New Scientist
08 April 2000

Feel that sight
New Scientist
21 February 1998

The sweet smell of purple

New Scientist
13 August 1994


When delusion triumphs over truth
New Scientist
28 January 2006

Fragile minds
Is amyloid leading us astray in the search for an Alzheimer's cure?
New Scientist
01 February 2003

Infinite sensation
Do we really have five senses?
New Scientist
11 August 2001

Read my mind
Mirror neurons fire not only when we do, but when we see others do...
New Scientist
27 January 2001

Grow your own
Can adult humans sprout new neurons?
New Scientist
12 February 2000

What colour is innocence?
Should lawyers use brain scans to defend their clients' behaviour?
New Scientist
22 March 1997


Haunted by the past: vanishing twins
The Economist
05 March 2009

Can experiences be passed on to offspring?

New Scientist
06 February 2009

The big brother effect
New Scientist
29 March 2003

Daddy knows best
A gene essential for normal maternal behaviour comes from the father...
New Scientist
03 October 1998

Womb for improvement
Einstein wannabes should choose their mothers with care
New Scientist
07 March 1998