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The Walrus
April 2010

Diary of a human 'lab rat'
New Scientist
08 December 2007

How interruptions can destroy your day
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28 June 2006

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27 January 2001

Shallow grave
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29 April 2000

Bear necessities
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19 December 1998


Wanted: Egg Donor in Good Health
CBC The Sunday Edition
19 Feb 2012

Guest Host
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10 January 2009
12 June 2010

From Here to Maternity
CBC radio, Ideas
15 and 22 June 2009

Brave New Family
CBC radio, Ideas
15 and 22 October 2007

Blinded by Science

CBC radio, Quirks and Quarks
16 June 2007

See, if you can hear this
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02 April 2005


Haunted by the past: Vanishing twins
The Economist
05 March 2009

Menstrual blood could be rich source of stem cells
New Scientist
15 November 2007

Freud, Jung...your cleaning lady?
Globe and Mail
28 April 2007

Anonymous sperm donor traced on internet
New Scientist
03 November 2005

Memory fails you after severe stress
New Scientist
14 June 2004


"Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex" by Mary Roach
Globe and Mail
24 May 2008

"IQ: A Smart History of a Failed Idea" by Stephen Murdoch
Globe and Mail
15 September 2007

"The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution" by Elisabeth Lloyd, and
"O: The Intimate History of the Orgasm" by Jonathan Margolis

Globe and Mail
28 May 2005

"The Truth About the Drug Companies" by Marcia Angell
Globe and Mail
11 September 2004

"Genes, Girls and Gamow" by James D. Watson
A brilliant biologist's embarrassing new memoir reveals that even with a Nobel prize-worthy discovery under his belt, a 24-year-old geek finds it hard to get laid...
12 March 2002


As birth control, it makes a great freezer bag
The female condom in practice...
Globe and Mail
16 December 1993

The Old Girl Network
The Guardian
26 November 1993

My land, your land and sealand
How many countries are there in the world today?
The Economist
02 October 1993

Back to help
Eastern Europe's homecomers...
The Economist
21 August 1993

Many a big wheel boards a Russian bus
Globe and Mail
13 June 1992